Dentist in Oak Lawn

Preventive dentistry

Getting your teeth cleaned professionally twice a year and keeping up with your exams and x-rays if needed can prevent more involved and costly treatments, that can be easily prevented by just attending to your dental checkups, from professional cleaning to a tailored smile design that is built to your specification the right place to start is here.

Cosmetic dentistry

Veneers, cosmetics crowns, smile make over just some terms that fall under cosmetic dentistry, chipped, misaligned teeth, discolored teeth can be fixed and corrected with dental veneers, which are thin porcelain shells that cover and correct the front of the tooth only, porcelain crowns are caps that are used to treat a more involved tooth destruction and bringing back that beautiful smile  both in color, shape and function.

Clear braces

The art of having our teeth straightened, with today's new technologies and forms of braces or clear aligners it's all possible, orthodontic treatment helps you with having a better fit of your teeth referring to a better bite, enhanced smile and esthetics.

Root canal treatment

Each tooth has a layer of enamel, dentin, and cementum, enclosed inside the tooth is what we call the dental nerve or pulp, when there is a trauma due to chronic decay or a physical trauma whether it is in sports, or simply falling and hitting the tooth, this inner nerve could become inflamed or even infected, and at that point treatment may be necessary, as removing the nerve and filling the root canal system with special materials, pain and infection will be resolved.

Extractions and oral surgery

Some oral surgery procedures such as extraction, dental implants and biopsy fall under the term oral surgery, such treatments are sometimes needed to help alleviate pain by removing a badly decaying non savable tooth, or by restoring function and form by placing an implant and resorting it with a crown.

Periodontal therapy

Periodontal disease is basically the undermining of the foundation of what is holding the teeth in place, it has several stages and severities, it affects the gums and surrounding structures for the teeth, resulting in bad breath, recession of the gums, bleeding gums, and lose teeth, it is easy to have this problem prevented, if you keep up with your checkups and evaluations will be able to detect and treat early.

Pediatric dentistry

Surprisingly not a lot of parents know that the first dental visit must be when the first tooth erupts into the mouth , it is especially important to take care of our little ones teeth as children teeth are formed slightly different anatomically, which a small cavity can turn very rapidly to a bigger one involving the nerve and having our little ones go through pain, keeping up with your dental visit will help diagnose and treated any cavities early so can be interrupted and treated before they grow bigger.